Auto Silence at Prayer’s Time Your smartphone

Auto Silence at Prayer’s Time Your smartphone

Namaz is the most supreme worship which is obligatory upon every Muslim to perform five times a day on their respective timings. Android phone users forget to turn off or silence their phones during ringing and the phone is ringing, it creates discomfort in salah (namaz). This is very embarrassing for users.

This app automatically silences phones during prayer and discourages them after prayer. Prairie Time Silencer and Un-Silencer is a user-friendly app that is used to automatically change the ringing mode of Android phones. It was an essential application for every Muslim. This application was developed specifically for the following two situations:

If you come out of the mosque and turn the phone on or off, you will no longer miss important calls or messages.You can get rid of this tension if you have this app on your Android phone. Users only set one time to mute and silence the mobile. This app will automatically switch to silent mode during mobile prayer (salat) and silence when exiting the mosque .


Phone Auto Silence

Automatically Ringer Mode

silent Enable and Disable mod

Helps avoid missing important calls and messages


How to use:

The app comes with a very easy to use interface. To silence the device for each prayer, set the “to” time field to the silent and “to” time field and enable the function by ticking the checkbox that is disabled by default.


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