Find cute emoji, animoji, thousands of keyboard themes on Typany Emoji Keyboard

Typany keyboard is the first to combine all the different DIY features on Google Play, including DIY Theme, Emoji Maker, Doodle board, Sound, Font, and more. It also supports the instant translation of 100+ languages. Typany keyboard is a high rating all-in-one keyboard app that provides you with a high-speed and personalized typing experience.
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👑 Why Typany Keyboard - Translator Keyboard&Fancy Themes? 👑
👏Translator 👏
Typany Translator allows you to write in your native language and get instant translation in any language you want. No app switching needed. And it can be used in WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Slack, etc. any social media App - writing text messages, sending emails. You can make foreign friends and chat with him/her easily as you were native speaker in more than 100 languages!
🎨DIY Keyboard Theme 🎨
Typany Keyboard allows you to customize your own keyboard theme, choosing your favorite photo, wallpapers. Let’s DIY the keyboard background, keyboard button, key font and key colors and make it unique.
🎉 Free Keyboard Themes 🎉
Typany Keyboard offers a numerous of free keyboard themes, where you can find the latest and most popular themes, such as hologram themes, fidget spinner theme, neon themes, hurricane theme, water drops themes, skull and graffiti themes, cute cat and puppy themes, etc.
🏃Doodle 🏃
Typany Keyboard provides Doodle function to fully release your creatives. A quick and simple line-drawing through Typany will increase the fun of chatting and bring surprise to friends. All the finger sketches you doodle will make you unique and amusing.
💡A.I. Powered Input 💡
Typany Keyboard has built a powerful neural network model that helps you type faster and smarter. Typany Keyboard will learn as you type so you don’t need to manually add words to your personal dictionary. It also gives the emoji suggestion by the word you’ve typed.
💡A.I. Assistant 💡
Typany’s AI assistant – TiPi is there to offer interesting news, videos. Follow TiPi to follow the latest trends. With TiPi, you could conveniently search and share anything from Typany. Afterwards TiPi will give your more surprise.
👉 Emoji Maker 👈
Typany Keyboard offers many kinds of Emoji Figures, including Universal Galaxy, Monster, Spider face, etc. to allow you to make your own Emoji Maker. Meanwhile, a bunch sticker recommendations from Emoji Makers are there for you to share out.
😂 Font and Sound 😂
Typany keyboard provides options to customize your font style, sound style.
🎤Voice Input 🎤
Tired of using QWERTY keyboard? Free your hands by using Voice Input!
👯 Popular GIFs and Memes 👯
Typany Keyboard works with Tenor to offer latest GIFs. It contains all kinds of the most popular GIFs and Memes.
★Privacy and security
Typany Keyboard will NEVER collect any personal information without your explicit permission. Any data collection will be maintained in accordance with Typany’s Privacy Policy.
Now Typany Keyboard supports over 130 languages, including English, Chinese Pinyin(中文), Bahasa Indonesia, Thai(ไทย), Korean(Hangul), Japanese, Malay, Tagalog, Portuguese(Português), Spanish(Español), Russian (Русский), Italian(Italiano), Turkish(Türkçe), Vietnamese(Tiếng Việt), French(Français), German(Deutsch), Arabic, and more.
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