DiskDigger is classified in the Tools segment of Google Play Store. The application's substance is fit for age 3+. This application requires a base OS of Android 2.3. The most recent form of the application is 1.0-2017-01-28. It was discharged on 28 January 2017. The application can be introduced for nothing. It doesn't have any in-application buys too.

Not at all like the Windows OS and the iOS, the Android OS doesn't give an information reusing alternative. This implies once you erase a record on an Android gadget, that document can't be recuperated regardless, though in a Windows or Apple gadget, this element is accessible.

DiskDigger is an application which encourages you to recoup your erased pictures. There is a fundamental rendition of the application which is accessible for nothing. There is a star form too which can be downloaded for ₹ 189.8. The distinction between the two is:


Essential Version – The Basic variant enables you to recoup erased pictures without rooting your gadget. Be that as it may, if the gadget is established, you can significantly recoup erased recordings too.

Ace Version – The Pro Version enables you to recuperate other document sorts also and not simply pictures. Once more, the documents which can be recuperated relies on if or not your gadget is established.

DiskDigger is created by Defiant Technologies, LLC. The Android application is O.92 MB in estimate. 87,514 clients have given it a normal rating of 4.0/5. It has been downloaded by 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 clients.

Masters of the Application

It enables you to recoup erased pictures without the need of establishing of your gadget.

You can channel the documents showed in view of their size.

By simply choosing every one of the documents you have to recoup and squeezing the 'Recuperate' symbol, you can reestablish all the required records.

The application enables you to store these records in any envelope on the interior or outside memory.

You can even specifically transfer these pictures to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Cons of the Application

When you peruse through the pictures that can be recuperated, the application even shows the documents which have not been erased. Along these lines, you need to look through a ton of pictures to locate the ones which you require.

In the event that a gadget isn't established, the application doesn't permit recouping erased recordings. Other comparable applications give this element without the need of an established gadget.


When searching for the photographs that can be recuperated, DiskDigger experiences the reserve documents and the thumbnails on your gadget. In this way, in the event that you are utilizing a reserve cleaner on your gadget, the application can't follow the erased documents and you won't have the capacity to recuperate the pictures.

To discover the erased records that can be recuperated, clients need to order the application to begin filtering the reserve and thumbnails. The application gives two examining alternatives in view of if or not your gadget is established:

On the off chance that the gadget is established, you can utilize the "full output" alternative. The application will peruse through all your gadget memory to discover the erased documents that can be recuperated.

Though if the gadget isn't established, you can just utilize the "fundamental sweep" alternative. For this situation, the application can just access the reserve records and thumbnails to reestablish erased pictures.

After you begin the checking, the application begins to show every one of the documents that can be reestablished. Presently you should simply check stamp the required documents and tap on the 'recoup' symbol. Every one of the pictures will be straightforwardly put away in your gadget.

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