Check Criminal Status of Financial Cases in Dubai | technomobo

Check Criminal Status of Financial Cases in Dubai | technomobo

The official Dubai Police App is your access to all our smart services. Our app just got more intuitive with the newly added Drive Mode and Police Station Mode to enhance usability. Our new Drive Mode feature allows for faster and safer commute in Dubai. We have also made your visit to our police stations much smarter with the Police Station mode.

Today is the first time I've installed this app. I created my account which was cumbersome because it said i had already made an account (for which i had to reset pwd cus I'd never made one in the first place). Anyhow after creating my account, i type in the password /pin, its loading and goes to my phone home page! In short I'm unable to open this app!! Plesse fix asap as i need to book my driving test.

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Not able to login. Always says that the user name or password is incorrect. Trying many time and just failing. It used to work properly but all of a sudden there seems to be an issue. Kindly rectify.

This application allows locals, residents, and visitors of the United Arab Emirates to benefit from the services of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security like visas, residencies, payment of fines, printing the family book, renewal of passport for the citizens and many other services.

Summary of the services:

Apply for a residence entry permit for your family members. Apply for new residence for your family members. Renew residence permits for your family members Apply for cancelling resident for any sponsored under your sponsorship Apply for a visit visa for your relatives You can generate the travel status report and the list of people you sponsor . Check your residence and entry permit status Request a new or renew your UAE passport Print the family book for locals Extend your on arrival visa Pay fines of visas and residencies.

RTA Dubai’ has been the award-winning app for the last 3 years. This app is RTA's flagship application for residents and users in Dubai. It includes more than 40 most frequently used services and features designed to support roads and public transport users.

MYID - Sign in using your MYID account and access your profile assets. Bring all your assets under one screen & view all your vehicles, pay all your fines, view cases status & application requests. Interactive Messaging Center which is a new interactive channel to easily apply for our services by text or voice chatting.

Business Mode: if you are an owner or PRO of any company you can now apply for our services for many employees one time. Smart Reporting Camera: which makes reporting more easily, all what you need to do is capture anything and send it to us using proper service (Police Eye, We Are All Police and Feedback).

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