Learners plus;License Test

Learners plus;License Test

Hi friends... Today I introduce here a useful app for driving leners to won in driving learning test very easily.
Learners plus is key to your learners license test. It is a multilingual Learners Licence Test application which works completely in offline mode.
Kerala Motor Vehicle Department is always moving ahead and are providing great services
to people of Kerala and for their safety in roads. This application is Forerunners tribute to Kerala Motor Vehicle Department.
Our Learner's Plus is the easiest way to practice for your Learner's Driving License test. This is because the questions are nearly the same as those used in the official Learner's License test. Pass our test and you're well on the way to passing the official test conducting at RTO (Regional Transport office). A real time experience of attending Learners Driving License test examination at RTO.
LEARNERS PLUS highlights :
✔ Only learners license android application in India
✔ Multiple Language Choice 1. ENGLISH 2. MALAYALAM
✔ Track Driving Schools near you
✔ Simulation of real Learners Licence Test
Learners plus offers
✔ Simple Elegant User interface
✔ Take Test
✔ Practice Test
✔ Track driving schools
✔ Signs
✔ Signals
✔ Speed Limits
✔ Driving Tips
✔ Question Bank
✔ Motor Vehicle Act
✔ Interface
Simple Elegant User Interface helps you use our application effectively and handle it with ease.
✔ Take test
The take test will test your knowledge of:
-street signs
-traffics rules
-basic road safety rules.
Take test gives you real time experience of learners driving license test.
It contains 20 questions which is to be attended within 20 minutes.
Timer and vast question bank provides you a real time test experience.
Questions will be based on signs, rules, safety regulations as in real learners test.
Users after attending the test, is provided with the score obtained.
Your performance will be analyzed and evaluated and result is provided in score of 20.
Correct answers are provided at the end of the test to help you learn and rectify mistakes.
✔ Practice Test
Every practice test consists of randomly generated questions based on questions that will be asked in the real test. You will be guided through multiple choice questions and provided with the correct answers for any questions that you get incorrect or need help with.
User can take any number of questions

Signs include all the Traffic sign boards
✔ Signals
Signals include all the Traffic hand signals.
✔ Questions
Questions contains complete Questions and answers to prepare for Learners Licence Test. In other words, Question Bank for Learners Licence Test.
✔ Speed Limits
Vehicle speed limits in specific areas.

✔ Motor Vehicle Act
Complete Motor Vehicle Acts.
✔ Driving Tips
Tips for safe driving.
Track option let you track the driving schools near you and plot it in map.

Try Learners Plus and have Driving Licence easily.

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