Parent: Child Care App

Parent: Child Care App


About this app

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Parent™ is a leading childcare solution that simplifies managing childcare centers and allows you to manage your daycare and early childhood education so that educators can focus more on child development and engagement.

Streamline your administrative tasks while keeping parents and children connected and always in touch throughout the day.


• Cloud-based: Use the application anywhere with unlimited storage for photos, videos, and documents.

• Child Profile: contact details, health information, documentation securely stored on AWS servers.

• Child Development: Learning journals, Media-rich Observations, assessments, and cohort tracking.

• Attendance: Easy check-in for children and staff

• Daily child status: Send instant updates to parents when their child eats, sleeps, visits the bathroom.

• Reports:

- Enrollment Reports.

- Attendance Reports.

- Daily Reports.

• Ratios: Track ratios in real-time for all rooms and always be licensing compliant.

• Calendar: Create events with RSVP and share important dates with parents and staff members.

• Messages: Send instant private messages that are secured with full data encryption.

• Activities and assignments: An advanced feature during the e-learning era, to help the teachers evaluate the children while at home. Share activities with the parents, and monitor the submitted replies, all through the new activities tab.

• Newsfeed: Teachers can create a video of the activity and directly share it with parents as an assignment.

• Calendar: Teachers can schedule weekly calendars & daily tasks also can write a description of each day’s plan for more organized activities.

• Documents: Create folders and organize the material you want to share with parents.

• Media and Documents: Parents and staff are able to send media and documents through our internal messaging system!

• Parent Live: Arrange meetings and Virtual tours via zoom through live broadcastings with your staff, or between teachers and children, in a click.

• Health Survey: Daily health survey for safety measurements, the survey includes a complete CRM to store and manage your reports, stop worrying about lost documentation, everything is now in one place.

• Inquires: It’s registration time! inquiries are a feature to control new registrations by linking the Parent inquiries module to all the incoming waiting list requests via Facebook, Instagram, own website, etc... it's a CRM feature to keep track and manage each inquiry.


FOR ADMINISTRATORS AND TEACHERS: Parent™ helps you run your childcare center by allowing you to manage day-to-aspects through our application and desktop portal. Keep accurate attendance records, share videos and photos with parents, store all your internal documents, keep detailed child profiles, and forget about all the stacks of paper. Our application will save you time, money, and increase engagement with parents.

FOR PARENTS: Stay connected to your child throughout the day and receive instant notifications from your childcare provider. You don’t have to wait until the end of the day to find out what your child has been up to. Invite other family members, nannies, or friends and they will receive updates about your child.


Parent is an all-in-one childcare management application for everything you need: attendance tracking, events with automatic reminders, daily reports, detailed child profile, child development, photo and video sharing, unlimited document storage, billing, e-learning features, and much more.

Best of all, Parent uses real-time communication technology with instant notifications!

Parent is revolutionizing childcare management software and simplifying day-to-day preschools, kindergartens, nurseries, and daycares management. and we're keen on innovation the early childhood education platforms with updates, UX improvements, and more features just for you.


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