Money Manager Expense & Budget App

Money Manager Expense & Budget App


Money Manager - the financial planning, review, expense tracking, and personal asset management app for Android!

Money Manager makes managing personal finances as easy as pie! Now easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets with Money Manager`s spending tracker and budget planner.

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Applying double entry bookkeeping accounting system
Money Manager facilitates efficient asset management and accounting. It does not just record your money coming in and out of your account but deposits your money into your account as soon as your income is input and draws money from your account as soon as your expense is input.

* Budget and expense management function
Money Manager shows your budget and expenses by a graph so you can see the amount of your expense against your budget quickly and make suitable financial inferences

* Credit / Debit Card management function
Entering a settlement date, you can see the payment amount and outstanding payment at the asset tab. You can arrange the automatic debit by simply connecting your debit card with your account.

* Passcode
Money Manager allows you to check your passcode so that you can keep your finances safe.

* Transfer, direct debit, repeat function
Transfer between assets is possible, making personal and corporate asset management more efficient. Plus, setting up automatic transfers and recurring payments makes managing payroll, insurance, deposits, and loans easier.

* Instant Statistics
Based on the data you enter, you can instantly see your spending by category and month-to-month changes. You can also see changes in assets, income and expenses in graphs.

* Bookmark function
By bookmarking your expenses, you can easily grasp them at once.

* Backup/Restore
You can create and view backup files in Excel files, and backup/restore is possible.

* Other Features
- Change Start Date
- Calculator Feature (Amount > Top Right Button)
- Subcategory ON-OFF Feature

* Paid Version *
- No Ads.
- Unlimited assets (limited to 15 in free version)
- Edit PC (

You can view Money Manager application over WiFi. You can edit and sort the data on your PC screen by date, category and account group. In addition, you can check the fluctuation of your account on the chart on your PC.

So what are you waiting for? Download Money Money now and start managing, tracking and planning your budgets, expenses and personal finances!


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