A large number of people are living outside India. Among them a good percentage belongs to lower or middle income group. This large group of middle-lower income group faces many fundamental problems during their life in the Gulf/other foreign countries and and also when they return to their homeland. The saving habits and rehabilitation facilities available to them are not very promising. Similarly a good percentage of Keralites is living outside Kerala but within India for their being. These Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs-India) are also facing similar circumstances as the NRKs abroad.

Realising such circumstances, Kerala State came forward with a unique initiative, first of its kind in the country, to setup a welfare fund to provide welfare schemes to NRKs (abroad) and NRKs (in India). Kerala Non-Resident Keralites Welfare Board came in to existence under the Kerala Non-Resident Keralites’ Wlefare Act, 2008 passed in the Legislative Assembly, Government of Kerala.  More than eighty five thousand NRKs are members in the welfare fund. NRKs abroad but now returned to India for permanent settlement after at least two years of foreign employment, can also avail membership in this Welfare Fund. The Act envisages many welfare schemes such as pension schemes, family pension schemes, medical aid, death assistance, etc.

1. Registration of Non-Resident Keralites’ in the Fund
2. The time and manner in which contribution shall be made to the Fund by Non-Resident Keralities’ and repatriates, the amount of contribution to be paid under section 4 and the manner in which it may be recovered and deposited in the Fund.
3. The constitution of many committee for assisting the Board, headquarters of the Board, Traveling Allowance, Daily Allowance and sitting Fee of the Chairperson and the Directors.
4. The manner in which accounts shall be kept, the investment of moneys belonging to the Fund in accordance with any direction issued or conditions specified by the Government, the preparation of Budget, the audit of accounts and the submission of reports to Government etc.
5. The conditions under which withdrawals from the Fund may be permitted, any deduction or forfeiture may be made and the maximum amount of such deduction or forfeiture.
6. The form in which a member shall furnish particulars about himself and his family,
7. The nomination of a person to receive any family pension or other benefit of a member on his death and the procedure for the cancellation or variation of such nomination.
8. The registers and records to be maintained with respect to members.
9. The form or design of nay identity card for the purpose of identifying may member of the Fund and for issuance, custody and replacement thereof.

10. The fee to be levied for any of the purposes specified in the Act
11. The further powers, if any, which may be exercised by the officers appointed under this Act.
12. The utilization of Fund for any matter of Welfare of the Non-Resident Keralites or their dependants.
13. The manner in which the sums transferred under section 28 are to be credited to the Fund
14. The procedure for defraying the expenditure incurred in the administration of the Fund.
15. The procedure for paying pension, family pension, grants, other benefits or loans and advances from the Fund.
16. Any other matter which is to be provided for in the Scheme or which many be necessary or proper for the purpose of implementing the Scheme.
17. The manner and the procedure for the constitution of Companies, Societies, Co-operative Societies and other institutions by the Board for the benefit of the Non-Resident Keralites.
18. The purpose for which and the manner in which temporary association of persons may be made.
19. The Constitution of Special Aid Fund, the benefits to be given from the said Fund, the manner to keep the accounts, administration, procedures for providing aid from
20. The matters specified in sub-section (4) of section 3.

The Act envisages the formation of the Welfare Fund through contribution from the registered members @ of Rs. 350/- per month as contribution from each Non Resident Keralite (abroad). Every Non Resident Keralite (abroad) member when returned and settled down permanently in the State has to pay Rs. 200 only. Non Resident Keralites (India) member has to pay Rs. 200 as contribution per month. Every deemed member shall contribute Rs. 50 per month. The Board can avail for the Fund grants or loans or advances from the Government of India or the State Government or the local Self-Government institutions or any other institution/organization. Board can attract donations from any individual or any organization in India or abroad or from any Government agencies in India or aboard or from any other sources.

Benefits to Member

1. Pension to members and deemed members who remitted contributions to the Welfare Fund continuously for a period of not less than five years and who completed the age of Sixty years

2. Family pension on the death of a member or a deemed member who had remitted contribution for not less than five years.

3. Financial assistance on the death of a member due to illness or accident.

4. Financial assistance for medical treatment of the members affected with serious illnesses

5. Financial assistance for marriage of women members and daughters of the members and for maternity benefit to women members.

6. Financial assistance or loans or advances to members for the construction of dwelling houses or for the purchase of land and building or for the purchase of land or for the maintenance of house.

7. Financial assistance for education including higher education to the children of members.

8. Self employment assistance to reputed persons

9. Financial assistance to members incapacitated to attend work due to permanent physical disability

10. Financial assistance investment in any company or firm or co-operative society or institution constituted under the Act.



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