Pradhan Mantri Silai Machine Yojana -2022

Pradhan Mantri Silai Machine Yojana -2022


Pradhan Mantri Silai Machine Yojana -2022 : The Central and State Governments are formulating various schemes to ensure the economic and social security of the people of Kerala. In this way, 50,000 women can avail the benefits of the Central Government’s Silai Sewing Machine Supply scheme for the upliftment of women. By distributing sewing machines, the government intends to provide a very useful scheme for women who want to find self-employment. Silai Sewing Machine Scheme for women -2022 is explained here

Here is a detailed description of who can avail of the silai sewing machine scheme for women in Kerala and what are the qualifications required for it.

Benefits of the Silai Sewing Machine Scheme

The scheme will be available in all states in the country.

The widowed and handicapped women can utilize this opportunity.

The machine cost is completely free.

help the upliftment of women.

Easy to apply with the relevant documents.

Who are eligible for the PM Free Silai Machine yojana scheme?

The Silai sewing machine distribution scheme is a scheme introduced by the Central Government for women to find self-employment and achieve self-sufficiency. The scheme is designed to provide free sewing machines to women in the country.

This scheme is known as Pradhan Mantri Silai Machine Yojana. Women between the ages of 20 and 40 can apply for this scheme.

Women from all states of the country can apply for this scheme. More than 50,000 women in each state will be able to avail the benefits of the scheme.

Priority willbe given to women with disabilities and widows in the country. An Aadhaar card, proof of age, and income certificate are required to apply for the scheme along with the required certificate to prove that you are a disabled person of any kind.

Widowed Women need a widow’s certificate, mobile number, and passport size photo.

For those who wish to submit applications, please visit to avail free Sial machine scheme applications. It can be submitted through the website.

There you will find a video format of the application. After downloading and filling out the application, all the relevant details including name, father or husband’s name, and photo should be submitted to the office.

Applications can be submitted through the Social Welfare Department office or through the block or through the Panchayat office. After submitting the application, all the details will be verified by the office. After making sure that you are eligible for the free sewing machine, you will do whatever it takes to get the machine. Women who are financially backward widows who want to achieve self-sufficiency and women with disabilities can also apply for this scheme. Watch the video to know more.


All States of India

Application Mode

Online/ Offline

Official website ( PM Free Silai Machine yojana )

Free Silai Machine yojana Official Notification

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