UPI Transaction Failed But Amount Debited |Google Pay Payment Processing Problem solve

UPI Transaction Failed But Amount Debited |Google Pay Payment Processing Problem solve

In this digital age everyone is mainly using online payment methods. There are a number of issues that can arise when making a payment using different UPI apps. This means that sometimes a transaction takes place but the money is not transferred properly, or the payment method failure or the entire transaction fails. But many people do not know how to get their lost money back and what are the major issues with UPI payment methods. Let’s take a look at the things to look for when transfer using a UPI payment option.

When choosing a UPI app, be sure to choose mainly through banks. This is because often when transferring money through apps like Google pay,Phone pe the exact transaction does not take place, which can sometimes lead to money loss. If you contact the bank in such a situation, they will say that you have made the transaction using a third party app. To avoid this, UPI payments can be made through the banks’ own official apps. Similarly, RTGS can use a payment system like this instead of UPI apps in case of an urgent need to transfer money, as well as if a large amount of money needs to be transferred. This is because in such cases the IFS code and bank details have to be entered accurately. if you want to transfer money from one bank to another, you may have to pay a small amount of service charge. However, such apps are less likely to cause errors and will solve any problem themselves. Instead of relying solely on UPI payment methods, keep a backup of card or cash. This is because such systems have a chance of being failed at any time.

Let’s see what to do in case of any kind of failure after transacting with a UPI app. This means that if you use a UPI payment method, it will include the UPI app you use, your bank, as well as the recipient’s bank. So if you are losing money then you need to make compliant races in all the above places. It can also be complained by the Banking Ombudsman and the Applied Authority. That is, you can use the above methods until you get an accurate answer. If you are using PhonePe app then you can check out how to get back the lost money. First open the PhonePay app then select your Transaction History and select S Transaction. Then at the bottom you will see Contact Phone pe support, select it. This way you can register compliant with any app.

If you visit the official website of the bank, you will get the phone number and mail ID to contact customer care. You can also register a complaint using this. To do this, open the bank’s website and select the contact center. You can also register a complaint using the methods performed here. Next, if the complaint is registered by NPCI, go to bhimupi.org.in/get. Open the web address touch and select compliant. Choose whichever is your compliant from here. Here you are given the option to enter all the information about your selected compliant. You can register the compliant after performing a verification. But when choosing websites to register such a complaint, care should be taken to identify the fake ones and to ensure that the compliant is not registered on such websites. Through twitter you can tweet in the form of a small note without giving any of your contact ID and transaction number. Because there are a lot of contact numbers available on Twitter. Be sure to tag NPCI and Bank when tweeting.

You may need to enter your UPI,RRI number when contacting . You can take the app used to make the transaction and check to get a number. If you do not see such numbers in the UPI app, you can check your bank’s app number. However, if you do not receive any reply from the bank within 30 days of registering the complaint, you can register the complaint through the RBI website. This way you can contact the ombudsman. For this you can open the official website of RBI and select address for ombudsman for digital transactions. Information on the Ombudsman in your area is now available.

You can then select the ombudsman in your area and register the complaint. Type of entity should be selected when filing such a complaint. After that you can fill in the rest of the information and register the complaint. However, your complaint can be solved while contacting through NPCI. But all the above should be taken into consideration while using UPI transaction.Watch the video to know more
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