Prayer time silencer

Prayer time silencer

Prayer Time Silencer and Un-silencer is a user friendly application used to change the ringer mode or android phones automatically. It was a needed application must for every Muslim. This app is specially developed keeping in view the following two scenarios:

First one is When the android phone users forget to turn off or silent Their phones while in the Mosque for Salat (Namaz) and the phone starts ringing-which causes disturbance in the Salat (Namaz). Also it is very embarrassing for the users.

Second scenario When user comes out of the Mosque (Masjid) and again forget to switch ON or un-silent the phone and misses out important calls or messages. By having this app on your android phone you will get rid of this tension. Users only have to set the time only once to silent and un-silent the mobile and get a sigh of relief. This app will automatically turn the mobile to silent mode at Prayer (Salat) time and un-silent When it out of the Mosque (Masjid).

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