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Markazu Saquafathi sunniyya primarily represents education and humanitarian missions.Markaz become a centre of opportunities for orphans, destitute and the downtrodden, and tuned out to be an aspiring hub of enormous missions in higher learning.The vision that Markaz upholds is centred on plurality and diversity for mass education irrespective of religion and class across the country.
   This unique centre of learning imparts knowledge, wisdom and designs integrated curriculum for the spiritual and academic enhancement of citizens;which is completing 40 years now.
      10000 Saquafi scholars, 1000 Qur'an graduates ,3500 orphan students, 10000 above students in technical and university streams 5000 non Keralite students, 40000 school pass outs...the numbers of Markaz products are going high...!These alumni are engaged in serving the community around the world .Markaz equally qive emphasis on career placement and so far 25,000 above employment opportunities have been filled in India and abroad.
SSystematic educating of women and girls is another contribution of Markaz to the society. Their personal and professional life is secured with moral education and spiritual grooming.Among the ddifferent educational institutions of Markaz 30,000 plus constitute girls intake.
Markaz runs both ggovernment aided and public schools with outstanding academic excellence. These schools are spread in all the Indian states as well as in foreign countries. These schools are part of the mechanism that brings modern education with high-end facilities, simultaneously training the students in different languages and offers them with value education.