Hi friends, we are living in internet Era.We can't think living without Samart phone.But every day we facing a problem that is Reducing Device Charge Speedily . So we need charge our phone very speedyl...But How it can? Today I talking about charging phone quickly. So please care following instruction.
1. Please charge your phone in FLIGHT Mode.it will increase 30% of speed.
2. Or Switch off your phone when charging. It will increase 50% of speed.
3.Please off your internet connection when charging.
4. Do not use any 'Battery boost app ' like Do battery etc .
5. Do not use your phone when charging. Because that time is your mobile processor working. It will slow your charging. 6.Please use electrical plug socket instead of using Power banks and Laptop ports. If using Power bank just use original power banks.
6. You must use original charger&cable of your phone. Otherwise that very harm for your phone.
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Malayalam Explanation video